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"You already know, these VMs are major. I have to take care of and move a lot of stuff that ISN'T the application. Containers will be the way. Just outline the app's base prerequisite and share all the things else.

I actually propose Rob Conery's "The Imposter's Handbook" as a great way to reinforce These fundamentals and Main ideas.Rob is programming For several years but with no CS degree. This book is about every one of the points he acquired and many of the gaps that acquired stuffed in even though he was confused. Of course this can be a squishy website post, but from time to time that's what's required.

And I fully agree along with you which the “illness is harmful idealization and sangha relationships”.

Tom, thanks for reminding us of how the dynamics that mix like and abuse in businesses are a similar types that evoke large loyalty, bonding and suffering within the loved ones.

Sweeping Zen presumes to talk for absolutely nothing. We now have a collective of people who compose below. Your not liking what they have got to convey or whatever they lose gentle on is not really The purpose. We've been right here to challenge you, not place you to slumber.

In the meantime, can we be trustworthy concerning the problems, not address up, and work on these problems with each other? As a result of discussions and inquiry we may help the practice take root.

Even Zen lecturers are human beings and susceptible to the folly that afflicts People of us with significantly less duty. But This can be precisely website the

In the course of sitting meditation, practitioners usually suppose a posture including the lotus placement, half-lotus, Burmese, or yoga postures, using the dhyāna mudrā. To manage the mind, awareness is directed in direction of counting or watching the breath or by bringing that consciousness for the Power Centre beneath the navel (see also ānāpānasati).

Or, you might have “No”. You could have deflected the progress. However you considered this was a fairly awesome zen person, and so that you Allow it roll (and possibly wound up emboldening him toward other Ladies, “many of them as wildly perplexed as I was “, but significantly less effective at coping). You're so sixties! I'm able to relate!!

You say, “So the choice of no matter whether you move forward with dating or sleeping with a lady will place another person at risk.

“When lecturers who behave by doing this may perhaps technically offer you Zen, it is not a wholesome practice along with the cumulative effects are unacceptable and incompatible with Zen awakening.”

“I uncovered many lessons great and modest. I place my lifestyle into some kind of order, thank to him. I advised Everyone again residence in regards to the Roshi, considering his educating was for everyone, when it definitely wasn’t… I achieved areas in myself I hadn’t know ended up there.”

Significantly even worse even, you're using your misreadings to distract from The difficulty I elevated in my comment higher than, specifically Eshu’s Moi-trip, and Malone’s slander. Deception and more deception.

I see. So in case you repeat a thing usually ample inside your a lot of “genuine discussion” it results in being the reality with your thoughts, Though it is actually consists of legally unproven allegations? That sounds a good deal such as the Huge Lie, as in Nazi Germany. Bravo Sweeping Zen.

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